CBH Group Corporate News  2023 Annual Report

CBH Bank releases its 2023 Annual Report

CBH Group is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Annual Report.

The past year has been dominated by the emergence of artificial intelligence in all fields. From everyday life to cutting-edge industries, its presence and influence have been undeniably transformative. This profound revolution has also been picked up by the art world, which has been quick to harness this change, heralding a burst of AI-generated work.

Already at the forefront of the digital transformation of its operations, as recognized by several awards this year, the Bank could only embrace this game-changing development with great enthusiasm.

Sofia Crespo, who forms the practice duo “Entangled Others” alongside Feileacan K. McCormick, was selected as the featured artist for the Bank’s 2023 Annual Report. Inspired by biology and nature, she immerses herself in a fascinating world where organic life mimics artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve.

We wish you a good read and a pleasant immersion in the world of the artist.

Hard copies will be available shortly. Should you wish to order your copy in advance, please do not hesitate to contact our Communication department.