1618 Investimentos

1618 Investimentos

1618 Investimentos is an independent asset management company

1618 Investimentos is an independent asset management company, part of the Swiss private banking group CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique. Headquartered in Geneva, the Group has offices in strategic locations including Zurich, London, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Nassau.


1618 Investments professionalizes the wealth management of families by acting as their Family Office of reference, with an emphasis on three pillars:

  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Valuation and legacy transmission

The professional third-party asset management service provided by 1618 Investimentos focuses on portfolio and investment fund management.

Our team is composed of executives with extensive experience in financial markets and asset management, both domestic and international.

1618 Investimentos has the capability and competence to offer a set of diversified solutions. We work in partnership with the most renowned financial and legal institutions, thus ensuring solidity and transparency, which are fundamental to maintain our reputation and credibility.

We dedicate our time and expertise to the management of our clients’ assets, carrying out the necessary control and monitoring so that they can devote themselves to their own activities.


Our goal is to be the primary financial management company for every family.

We aim to redefine and enhance financial services through efficient service and a commitment to excellence in all our work.

The experience of each client represents a fundamental piece of our model.

We empower families and institutions to realize together, their aspirations and achieve their most important goals.

We comply with the strictest code of ethics, always acting in the best interest of our clients, with constant concern to remove any and all potential conflicts of interest, ensuring the degree of confidentiality required by our profession.

Our services enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives while leaving the legacy of their wealth for future generations.

The knowledge gained from finding solutions for one family can be transferred to others.

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